Phillip’s Blog: Poor Grammer

In today’s society, grammar has become slightly unimportant; most adults like to blame it on texting, and I feel like that might be a part of the problem. I personally think that people are becoming a little lazier. Some adults like to single out the teenage population as being illiterate or incompetent when it comes to grammar, but in actuality, it’s the populous as a whole.  To me grammar is very important, it reflects on your stupidity or your intelligence.

Communication occurs every day. Some people have to use different forms of communication for various reasons. But, when speaking to someone, the first impression they have of a person is because of the way they speak.

Of course, a person’s actions also have an effect on the way they are viewed by their peers.  When I carry on a conversation with someone, I am always criticizing the way he or she speaks. Of course I know that I do not speak perfect English all the time, even though it is my language.

Poor grammar is not only happening in verbal conversations it is also happening everywhere. The most popular way of communicating over distances, whether it be one thousand miles away or a few feet away is either text messaging or over a social network.

I do have a cell phone and text often, I also have a Facebook; but I always proof read before I send a text message or post anything on Facebook. I personally do not like looking like an idiot when it comes to what I say, although I cannot always avoid this. (It’s kind of curse, dying my hair red does not mean I do not have the occasional “blonde” moment.) I will admit that I have noticed the decline in poor grammar, and it is pathetic. My biggest annoyance is when people spell the word “you” like “yu” first of all when you spell it like “yu” one letter is being left out, I don’t really understand how leaving out one letter really helps a person all that much.

More or less, grammar should be taken more seriously. It reflects so much about a person, to me if a person speaks poorly, then I feel like they are not trying to carry on a conversation, or they are stupid. An average person who just finishes high school and does not continue college has 12 years of education in just English.

Learn your language, it is what you have grown up around, if you have the resources there is no excuse for your stupidity.

Blog by Brianna Phillips