Bostock’s Blog: Dedicated to former PHS student

First off, I would like to dedicate this column to the one person I know made me appreciate sports more then I ever thought I would: Cody Raymer. I first met Cody my freshman year of high school. Cody and I played football together, and were both on the newspaper staff. Raymer, was the staff’s sports guy and let me hang out with him all the time during class. I realized Cody was the coolest guy when he told me he was a New York Giants fan. Cody graduated in 2010 and currently attends Indiana State University.

The guy legitimately made me see every aspect of sports. If I didn’t understand what was going on, he explained things to me. He taught me to respect every sport, because all of them have their “wow” moments.

I truly didn’t understand sports until my freshman year when I set down next to Mr. Raymer and he named off every D1 college university mascot from memory.

From that day forth I vowed to learn sports inside and out. From inside every huddle, to the depths of the water polo pool, sports would be my life.

I do admit that sometimes I can get a little excited when it comes to sports, but it’s something that I can’t help but love. From the World Series of the MLB to the NCAA championships of any sports, I want sports to be my life.

So this year I’ve really been thinking about my choices in colleges and the major I would like to pursue. Now I know all of you are thinking, why in the world is he telling us his life story? Well here it is, I finally decided that I want to be a sports journalist just last week. So next year, I will be attending Indiana University (if accepted) and pursue something that has become a dream of mine.

I mean what better job is there then being able to write about the very thing that you watch everyday and can only dream about? ESPN would be my dream job, and I plan on pursuing that as hard as possible.

My dreams have already started, and I have just started a sports show with a great junior named Ronald Compton. The show will include Paoli High school sports news, along with major league sports such as the NFL, MLB, and the NBA. If you like the sound of two guys just gabbing it up about sports, then you should probably tune in. The show will be up on the Paolite website, and I dare say that it might be able to compete with SportsCenter (soon).

To wrap it all up, I would just like to once again thank Cody Raymer, and my wonderful teacher Mrs. Nichols for inspiring me to pursue something that means so much to me. I do not think I would be making this decision without either of you.

Blog by Ian Bostock