Emma Says…

Emma Says...

The Great Escape is a new TV series that premiered June 24, 2012 on TNT. It is a game show where three teams compete to win $100,000 by escaping from somewhere located in America that seems impossible to escape. For example, some places they have featured are Alcatraz, a mental hospital, and an aircraft carrier.

There are three teams each week, the red, blue and green team. There are new teams each week to compete against one another. The teams start off in a detainment zone, and they have to find a map around the challenge and a way out of detainment zone. Once they are out of the detainment zone, they have to get through four stages of the game and a transport zone that will take them to the prize money. Each stage, there will be a piece of the Great Escape key that, once fully assembled, opens the case containing the prize money. They have to do all of this while avoiding the guards, which if the guards catch them, they will have to leave there supplies where they were caught, and go all the way back to the detainment zone.

I absolutely love this show. It’s something new in the world of competitive reality TV shows. Since they go to new places every week, it keeps the show entertaining to the audience. Something that I really love about this show is that the people competing for the prize money are usually people who are in need of the money. Whether it to pay off loans, mortgage, or put your kid through college, it always goes toward someone who needs it.

One thing that this show does that I dislike is they tend to focus on one team or stage more than the other ones. It really gets boring just watching the same team for twenty minutes on the same stage. They can’t help how long a team is on a stage, but they sure can get the cameras off one team and put them on another for a while.

Overall, this show is really good. The bad part is that the season finale was August 26, so it won’t be on for a while on TV. The good news is that you can watch full episodes on The Great Escape’s website here http://thegreatescape.tntdrama.com/. The Great Escape is a good TV show to watch if you’re into excitement and anticipating who will win.  Even though it has its flaws, it’s one of the best new shows I’ve seen in a while.

Reviews by Emma Walker