A Victim Speaks

A Victim Speaks

Olivia King is an eighth grader at PHS who moved here from Orleans where she was a victim of bullying. The problems she had at Orleans left an impact on her that she will never forget. King has not been experiencing the bullying problems she had at OHS since moving to PHS.

Q: What did the bullies do to you?
A: Mean prank calls, name calling, putting rude things and not true statements about me on Facebook, and they threatened to hit me.

Q: Who were the bullies?
A: Girls in my grade.

Q: What was the format of the bullying?
A: In person and cyber.

Q: How did you cope with the bullying?
A: I didn’t. I became really depressed and didn’t want to be around my friends anymore.

Q: What impact did the bullying make on you?
A: I was upset ALL the time. I constantly didn’t feel good enough.

Q: Did you parents have to become involved in the bullying?
A: Yes, they called the principals and teachers, but they wouldn’t do anything.

Q: Are you experiencing the same problems here?
A: No, and I’m glad. Although I sometimes see it happen to other kids.

Q: Did the bullying affect the way you made new friends here?
A: In some ways. I never want anyone to feel the way I did, so I try to be nice to everyone. Therefore, people don’t consider me a mean person.

Q: Have you worked the problems out with the bullies from your old school?
A: No. We have not spoken since, and we are not friends on Facebook. It was just better that way.

Q: Do you still talk to the bullies from Orleans?
A: No. I forgive them, but I don’t trust them.

Info by Olivia King