The Hunt is On: Local hunters talk about life in the wilderness

Many athletes are known for their participation of sports on the mat, or on the court. Not many consider the woods an area for a recreational sport.

Hunting is an activity that many participate in, and is quite popular in Orange County. Some consider it a pastime; some base their life around hunting.

“I like to hunt because deer meat tastes fabulous,” said junior Tristan England.

With hunting season here, many people are heading to the woods with their camouflage, guns or bows, and are looking to bring some good food back not only to their families, but families that may not have what others are blessed with.

“Sometimes, we give the meat away to families that need it,” said senior Aaron Key.

Hunting is an activity for fun. Many find it fun to go out in the woods and hunt for animals. It is also a good way to bring home some good food.

“It’s fun to go out in the woods and stalk the prey, trying to find the big one,” said freshman Cody Retherford.

There is a large variety of animals to hunt in Southern Indiana, and a lot of people like to hunt them all.

“I like to hunt for deer, turkey, squirrel, and rabbit,” said Retherford.

Many people have different opinions on the ideal time to go hunting.

“I like to go in the early morning or late evening,” said Key.

Whether it is a bird of prey, or a majestic deer, hunters will hunt. Some will choose to get up early and wait hours for the perfect animal, just so they can brag to all their hunting friends. Others will do the same, but as a fun activity to help bring in food for the family. Either way, hunting seems to be overlooked as a sport, and needs to be more appreciated in the wider world of sports.

 Story by Ron Compton