Review: Ingle Reviews “A Child Called It”

One of the worst child abuse cases in Daly City, California came to an end March 5, 1973.

“A Child Called ‘It’” was published by the Omaha Press in 1993. Dave Pelzer’s first book is phenomenal I like this book because it makes you think deeper and think more serious about child abuse.

What I think that could have been better is that the teachers and nurses would of done something the first time than wait for another couple of years. Some details that I think should’ve been included more is how he survived in the garage on the old, dried up army cot. This was a New York Times Bestseller as soon as this life-changing book came out. This book is for mature readers only. According to reviewers on, they gave this book five out of five stars.

The author is the victim, Dave Pelzer. Pelzer has wrote other books including: “The Lost Boy,” “A Man Named Dave,” “Help Yourself,” and “The Privilege of Youth.” The story has Pelzer remembering his time as a young boy who was brutally abused by his insane mother. Pelzer has to try to survive Mother’s unpredictable and life-threatening games. Pelzer is rarely fed and when he does get fed, they are scraps and rations that even dogs won’t eat. In addition to his mother, Pelzer’s father also didn’t try to save him at all. Pelzer would always dream of being loved and saved from the “Madhouse.”

Once you start reading this inspirational and interesting book, you won’t be able to put it down. This amazing book will teach you a lesson to be grateful for life. Rating: A

Review by Jace Ingle