Talent Revealed

Most people here at PHS have a hobby or a talent, whether it is a sport, something artistic or something musical. Senior Hannah Thill’s hobby happens to combine all three of these aspects.

Thill has been started dancing nearly four years ago when she was fourteen. “I started dancing the spring of my freshman year,” said Thill.

Thill’s started dancing because of something she saw on TV. “I wish I had a cool story involving a life threatening situation, but I don’t. I saw a video from So You Think You Can Dance and wanted to be able to do the dance they were doing,” said Thill, “I heard of a new dance studio opening in town and signed up.”

Thill did not just gain a talent for dancing out of the blue. “My first instructor, Kaci Butler, helped me get started and my mom has helped me a lot. She has taken me to lessons and supports me in wanting to better myself in dancing,” said Thill.

Thill’s favorite thing about dancing is unique. “Having any dancing ability makes music more enjoyable. You also learn that all forms of dancing are connected making it easy to dance to any type of music,” said Thill.

Even though dancing is something fun to do, Thill has faced and is still facing some struggles when it comes to dancing. “Ballet is the hardest thing about dancing. It’s not my favorite form of dancing and it’s all in French. If you are trained in ballet, you can do anything and do it well,” said Thill.

Thill’s love for dancing has an influence on her career and college choices. “Right now I’m between two colleges: one with a dancing future, and one without. I have no idea what I’ll end up doing,” said Thill.

Thill does have some advice for anyone interested in dancing. “It’s never too late to start something and follow your own path. It will be intimidating at first, but you will get over it,” said Thill.

Thill’s choice to sign up for a dancing lesson four years ago has made her evolve into a wonderful dancer whose future may keep her dancing for years to come.

Story By Emma Walker