Early Graduation a Big Step for Clements

Growing up and moving into the world is a part of life that everyone will eventually do at some point. For some people, like senior Jody Clements, she will be doing this a whole year early.

At the end of sophomore year, Clements made the decision to graduate as a junior with the upcoming senior class.

“I am more than ready and so excited,” said Clements.

Being forced to cram classes into the schedule to get the right classes and credits puts it on a whole new level. How did she do it?

“I had to drop my CNA classes and welding but that doesn’t really bother me,” said Clements. “I have 29 credits right now. I’ve passed my classes and I’ve got extra credit from marching band. By the end of the year I’ll have 42 credits, which is enough for the general Core 40.”

Many students make the decision to graduate early either because of work or college plans. Clements does not really fall into either of these categories.

“I don’t plan on going to college and I don’t have a job. I had personal reasons. I just want to move on with my life and I have a whole other life out of school and school just gets in the way. I have considered taking classes online later, though,” said Clements.

Graduating early not only has an effect on Clements, but also her twin brother, Cody. Jody and Cody have always done everything together.

“My parents are proud of me for being able to graduate early. They just want to see me graduate and be happy. Cody hates it! He doesn’t want me to. He says he doesn’t know what he’ll do without me. He’ll be really lonely,” said Clements.

Her family is not the only ones affected by her choice.

“My friends hate it. I feel bad for leaving them but I want out of here! They don’t like that I won’t be there walking across the stage with them and some wish they could have graduated early like I am,” said Clements.

Despite how others feel about Clements graduating early, she is on the right track to graduate early and would like to leave a piece of advice for other students interested in graduating early.

“Study! Keep your grades up! Take extra classes! Pass ALL your classes!”


Clements_J_WEBStory By Brooklyn Dotts