England’s Welding Future

When people look at Tristan England, they most likely think of a 5’10” 285 pound fearsome-looking defensive tackle. But England wants people to see a working man.

England has been interested in welding since he was a child.

“I always used to work with metal was I was younger,” said England.

To prepare him for a job in the workforce, England has been taking a welding class at the Lost River Career Cooperative with Doug Elliot. He has taken welding for a year.

“Mr. Elliot has helped me be superior,” said England.

England decided to go to college to further his skills and education, but only made the decision fairly recently.

“I decided on going to Vincennes University within the last couple of days,” said England.

England knows that his primary career choice is not guaranteed, and has a backup plan if things don’t fall through.

“If I can’t get a job in welding, I want to be a heavy equipment operator,” said England.

Heavy equipment operators operate machines like bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, and skid-steer loaders.

“I like having the ability to move the earth with raw machinery,” said England.

England plans to get a job in the Clarksville area in welding. After he finishes college and finds a stable job, he plans on settling down.

“Getting married within the next five years doesn’t sound too bad,” said England.




Story by Ron Compton