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NHS and NJHS: Get Involved In Your Community

National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society are organizations that get students involved in their community and school. There are four aspects of NHS and NJHS: character, scholarship, leadership and service. Each one is extremely important. Every student in NHS or NJHS must maintain and encourage these aspects.

The NHS and NJHS Tapping took place on September 13. Any student who has a GPA of 3.3 or higher in grades 10-12 was eligible to apply for NHS. They also had to write an essay for the members of our faculty to read and approve. Similar to NHS, NJHS must have a 3.3 GPA or higher, but you have to be an eighth grader or a freshman. Once you become part of either organization, you must complete a certain amount of services to the community and school. NHS members must complete 20 service hours throughout the entire school year, while NJHS members must complete three service opportunities. Students in both NHS and NJHS have to fill out a form for the service and get it signed by the advisor.

During the Tapping, all new members were escorted by old members. The old and new members walked through an arch signifying how the old members will lead new members into the organization.

“I would definitely recommend joining NHS or NJHS. It has already taught me so much in terms of being a good student and member of my society,” said senior NHS President Ali Kerby.


Story by Kinley Block

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