Quarantine guideline changes

With a change in Orange County’s COVID rates, the school has also had to change the guidelines for quarantines. The new guidelines started right when the students came back for the second semester.

The biggest change for the students is for those who get quarantined due to close-contact tracing. The new guideline states that they only have to quarantine for six days. When they come back they will have to wear a mask for the next five days.

“Quarantining is still required from school settings where masks are taken off.  That includes the cafeteria, sports practices, band class, choir class, and other extracurriculars where masks are not worn at all times by every single person present.  If you are in a setting such as the cafeteria, and a person whom you were within 6 feet of for more than 15 cumulative minutes tests positive for COVID-19, you would be identified as a close contact if that contact happened during the person’s contagious period.” said Nurse Emme Moore.

The rules for athletes are much similar. If an athlete gets quarantined, they will not be allowed back at practices for six days. They will have to wear their masks during practices and games for five days. COVID has also been affecting other schools around us; the boys varsity basketball team has had to reschedule one of the games. The game originally scheduled for January 14 against Dubois got rescheduled to January 24 due to positive COVID tests on the Dubois team.

“Consistency has been hard to find and we have noticed this with our players and team. Lineups change, roles change, expectations even change. It can be hard for kids to adjust and for them to grasp what their role really is. But, kids are resilient and oftentimes will surprise you with what they can accomplish and overcome. They are managing ,and learning how to handle adversity.  Hopefully this helps them in the future. ” said boys basketball varsity coach Dusty Cole.

Story by Carley Higgins

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