Block to Sign with Lincoln Trail College


Senior Kinley Block has been playing volleyball for seven years on both the Aspire club team based in French Lick and also for the Rams. Recently, Block has been given the opportunity to be a collegiate athlete.

On December 28, when Block was beginning to fill out scholarship forms, she decided she wanted to continue her volleyball career by playing at Lincoln Trail College in Robinson, Illinois. Lincoln Trail is a junior college, therefore Block can only attend the school for two years. She plans to play volleyball throughout those years.

“If I can also play college volleyball at the bigger school after graduating from Lincoln Trail, I will absolutely do it. But right now, my focus is on playing for Lincoln trail and attaining two degrees for my future,” said Block. 

Before making the decision to attend this school, Block had aspired to play for Ball State, Louisville or Kentucky. Soon after visiting Lincoln Trail, she had a change of heart. 

“Visiting the school felt just like home. As much as I talk about wanting to leave the town and get away from it all, it felt like a new Paoli. The school isn’t huge or entirely small, but it feels like a good starting point for me and my future career. I told my mom that it seemed really cool, and after doing some research I found out that the team almost went to Nationals in 2018. I love hard-working teams; especially ones that work together well and put away any petty drama. I knew that this team would be really fun and a good starting point for me when I practiced with the girls, listening to their advice and how they treat each other as teammates instead of opponents,” said Block.

Block will be signing on January 30 at 2:15 p.m. in the conference room with administration, her two coaches and family.

“I’m really looking forward to playing with the girls from Lincoln Trail. When I went to visit and practice with them, they were all so welcoming and fun to be around. The coaches there really like my attitude and my motivation to push myself and others, as well as my energy. I am super excited to get to advance my volleyball skills into collegiate competition,” said Block.

Story by Makiya Russelburg