Veterinary Students Learn Hands-on Lessons


Courtesy Photo

Senior Tucker Hooten takes a syringe and fills it with medicine. He is one of two students in the Veterinary Program at PHS.

Seniors Tucker Hooten and Taylor Lashley began working at vet clinics in August, through their Veterinary classes offered here at PHS.

The Veterinary Medicine I class has been offered for four years now with the typical class size of twelve students. The second class has been offered for three years now with its classes ranging from two to four students. This year, another Veterinary class has been introduced, Principles of Veterinary Science.

Previously, the two seniors completed 200 hours of classroom instruction in their Vet I class. For their Veterinary Medicine II class, Lashley and Hooten must complete 300 hours at the clinics before taking their final exam. If they pass the exam, they will receive their Certified Veterinary Assistant Level 1 License.

Both students have gotten jobs at local veterinary offices which they co-op out for. These positions have enabled them to get involved in the veterinary field and learn about what vets do firsthand.

Veterinary Instructor Cory Scott stresses the importance of giving Hooten and Lashley adequate time at multiple clinics for more experience.

“They rotate through the clinics so they can see how multiple Veterinary clinics work. By switching it up, this gives them a well rounded experience. They depend on Dr. Cooper for the large animal experiences while they can go to either clinic for the smaller animals,” said Scott.

Hooten works with Veterinarians Bradley Cooper, Alissa Allen and Brianna Elliott at the Orange County Animal Clinic in Paoli Tuesday through Friday. “I enjoy getting hands-on experiences with the animals,” said Hooten.

Lashley works at Kirk’s Veterinary Clinic in Orleans Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Veterinarian Kelly Kirk. He is also employed at Orange County Animal Clinic where he works Monday and Wednesday.

“Working in a vet clinic has taught me how to work with others and how to talk to people. Some days are harder than others, but if you love animals and are as passionate as I am, then it’s a piece of cake,” said Lashley.