Transportation Alert System Gets Overhauled

Contact the high school or Throop office for more information

Ayla Anderson, Paolite Staff Writer

The shortage of substitute bus drivers at PHS has caused an influx of oftentimes last-minute bus delays this school year. 

So far, it has not been uncommon to hear transportation announcements detailing changed plans for certain bus riders over the intercom. 

Although these messages have been helpful to those in the PHS building, students are not the only ones who have to be notified of bus delays. The parents and guardians of bus riders also need to be made aware of any changes. 

As a result, frequent calls, voicemails and text messages have gone out to those who signed up for the PHS alert system. Receivers include everyone on the system roster, not just students, parents and guardians who are affected by transportation delays. 

Those who the numerous transportation messages do not apply to have found the updates to be an annoyance. 

In order to combat this inconvenience, PHS is working to improve the system to cater towards the people who actually want and need to be briefed on transportation setbacks. 

We are wanting to change the alert system so we can just notify the families that need to be notified of changes in their buses for the day. Right now we have to alert all families. So we are working to just notify the families who need to be notified,” said Transportation Director Darek Newkirk. 

For more information on how you can sign up for notifications on specific routes, contact the high school or Throop office.