Life Skills Class Brings Holiday Spirit

Stop by at lunch and purchase Christmas goods


Ashleigh Garcia

A few students from Katy Mulryan’s class sell Christmas crafts during lunch.

Taisha Robbins, Paolite Staff Writer

The Life Skills students have begun selling Christmas items during all three lunches this week in front of the cafeteria. The items include ornaments, bracelets, pillows and pins.

The goal of the project is to help the students learn important skills when making and selling the Christmas items. The students followed the instructions on how to make the items and learned how to follow directions. Life Skills Teacher Katy Mulryan led the students in making the projects.

“When the students sell the items, they are learning money skills by knowing how to add up the prices and how to give change back to the customer. They will also learn how to present themselves as if they are an employee in a store with skills such as communication skills and knowing what their appearance should be,” said Mulryan.

All funds raised will go towards classroom materials and their annual Christmas shopping trip at Dollar Tree.