Send Some Sunshine

Tri-Hi-Y takes on the Sunshine Project

Makynsie Russelburg, Social Media Staff

Tri-Hi-Y has adopted the Sunshine Project this year at PHS. The goal of the project is to facilitate people spreading some positivity, cheering people up, or congratulating them on a success.

Lauren Rutherford was a former member of Tri-Hi-Y, a service club that has been active at PHS since the 1960’s. When she was a senior the sunshine project was something she started and led that year. Once she graduated, she passed it on to Amanda Bowles, who kept the project going last year. Once Amanda graduated, Tri-Hi-Y decided to adopt the program. 

The link to fill out the request form to send someone sunshine was sent out in the fall, and was re-sent last week with a suggestion that people bookmark the link so that they can use it whenever they feel someone needs a message.

“We do ask that everyone use it respectfully and keep it positive and appropriate. We want to help people feel supported and appreciated,” said Tri-Hi-Y Club Sponsor Maria Wishart. 

If you want to send someone your sunshine check your email or contact Wishart at [email protected] or visit Wishart in room 130 for more information.