A Refreshing Review

Baker Plans Your Summer Hydration

Peyton Baker, Sports Writer

It is about to be summer, and what is better than to crack open a nice cold Gatorade on a hot day? There are a lot of flavors that are amazing, but there are a couple different flavors that stand out to me. Depending on the day dictates what flavor will be superior to the rest of the bunch.

When it comes to a good, all around flavor, perfect for any occasion (but not the best out of all of them) it has to be Fruit Punch, or commonly known as Red. It is a good drink, and everyone likes it. However, more than often it won’t be anyone’s favorite. It does the job and it’s nice to have around, but it isn’t a flavor you can just run to.

The best choice for a day at the beach when it is nice and warm is going to be the Lemon Lime flavor, or best known as Yellow. It is a great drink that is bursting with flavors. It is a drink that no one will go out of the way to get at a gas station, but is definitely the drink you want to have on a nice hot day.

The most underrated flavor that is made is one that people either love or hate; there is no in-between. In my opinion, it has to be the Orange flavor, which is an amazing flavor that is something that you will grow into liking.

However, when you are going to the park to play some basketball there is one honorable mention, which is Cool Blue, or what most call it Blue. It is the best flavor for special occasions, and is just the best one anyone could ask for.

Lastly my favorite one, that none of the others even come close to being better than, is Grape or Purple. It is an amazing flavor that is really enjoyable to have, and, in my opinion, is the best. It is almost always the drink I would choose, no matter what I am doing.

There are a lot of varieties of flavors that the company has that are amazing and great for everyone. Gatorade is what I like to think of as the perfect drink. All of the flavors are special to something specific, and everyone has different tastes. Everyone has their own opinion on what their favorite flavor is, but these are my personal favorites.