Events Highlight Dangers of Poor Decisions


Olivia McSpadden

During the Mock Crash, senior Nova Nichols screams as she looks up to find her friend, senior Treyvin Street, injured due to the crash.

Senior Isaac Cornett-McBride tests out the impaired goggles during the convocation day. “The best part was riding the bikes with the goggles on,” said Cornett-McBride. (Olivia McSpadden)

On Wednesday April 19, students planning to attend Prom were invited to two events designed to remind students of the dangers associated with poor decisions on Prom night.

School Resource Officer Jon Deaton organized an impaired simulation in the bus parking lot, and a mock crash by the football field, to educate students on the dangers of drunk driving.

“It was a long process that began around January. I had to contact many groups of people such as students, [Principal Ed] Wagner, Police Chief Sanders, Fire Chief Jones, EMS, and AIR EVAC, as well as other SRO’s around the county,” said Deaton.

Assistant Superintendent Sherry Wise screams as she realizes her son was killed in the Mock Crash, which was caused by impaired driving. (Olivia McSpadden)

A few students at PHS volunteered to participate. These students were seniors Cailyn Baechle, Treyvin Street, Nova Nichols and juniors Michaela MacDonald and Braeden Campbell.

For the mock crash, one of the students played unconscious; Baechle played the role of the unconscious victim. After she was discovered by the firefighters and police officers unconscious, she was air-lifted to the nearest hospital to get treated for any injuries she obtained during the crash.

“It was fun being in a helicopter and I got to see the overview of Paoli and see the size of buildings from a bird’s eye view,” said Baechle.

Street played the role of a deceased character.

Senior William Milner tests out the impaired goggles. They were another form of distraction and disturbance that can cause impaired driving. The goal of the goggles was to show how each substance can affect vision. “The hardest part for me was trying to walk in a straight line,” said Milner. (Olivia McSpadden)

“At one point I was in a body bag and it was very hot. It was also kind of comfy, which I did not expect,” said Street.

Deaton hopes the message really impacts students on the impact poor decisions can make.

“The reason we do that is to show the kids what can happen with impaired driving and the scene it can cause. A simulation is a much better way to educate students,” said Deaton.

In the Mock Crash, junior Braeden Campbell waits as the fire department cuts off the doors of the car to safely get everyone who was involved in the crash out of the car. (Olivia McSpadden)

One student, senior Nova Nichols, was diving in this simulation.

“It freaked me out because of how real it felt. If you are impaired, call someone. It is safer for you and your passengers,” said Nichols.

Deaton has some parting advice for students.

“Be cool, stay in school and don’t drink and drive,” said Deaton.