Summer Credits Available Through SAE Program


PHS Media Staff

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Taisha Robbins, Paolite Staff Writer

All students in 9th through 12th grade have the opportunity to earn a general elective credit over the summer through summer supervised agriculture experience (SAE). Generally, any job a student completes over the summer can be tied to agriculture; therefore, can count as SAEs.  Students must complete 120 hours of work to receive the credit.

 Agriculture Teacher Cory Scott is in charge of the program.

“I would encourage any student who has a job this summer to do the SAE. There’s no penalty for not being able to complete it. It just gives students the opportunity to get credit for the work they do this summer,” said Scott. 

The last day to sign up for SAE is the last day of school. Students that  will be completing the SAE must fill out a log book with their hours. Anybody interested  should talk to Scott for more information.