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First Year Friends
First Year Friends
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Lillie Johnson, Junior High Staff • February 21, 2024
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STAFF COLUMN: What Kind of Girl Are You?

Poe Debates Friendships with Girl’s Girls and Guy’s Girls
Cambry Tinkle
Column art for friendship piece about the difference between girl’s girls vs. guy’s girls.

In elementary school, we are taught to be friends with everyone. But as you grow up, you will notice that not everyone you are friends with treats you the same way. I have realized that most girls who have been my friends fall into two categories: a Girl’s Girl or a Guy’s Girl.
I notice this because when you are apart from everyone, it is easy to pick and organize the people in your life. Living with all my sisters and seeing them grow up with their friends lets me see everyone from a different point of view. When they get older, I hope they are the friend another person can count on.
Though I have many friends who go to church, the one I would turn to if my faith challenged me would be Maddi Warren. There are certain people we have a special connection with more than others, and our conversation flows more than others.
When a Girl’s Girl is your friend, they have your back no matter what and are willing to side with you. They value your relationship over their friendships with guys. Who hasn’t asked a girlfriend, “Will you check me?” (we know what this means) and I know I’ve got that girl’s back. We all stick together in situations like that, but some girls have different behaviors when it comes to guys.
If I can’t trust you to talk to you about my crush or whoever I am talking to, then you are a Guy’s Girl. How will I trust you with my deep secrets or feelings if I can’t trust you with that? This being said, not everyone needs to know everything about your life.
Being a Guy’s Girl means you’ll value the guy’s relationship more. I’m not saying that a Guy’s Girl can’t have successful friendships with a girl, but there are girls who are eager to be friends with guys when the situation presents itself. I get why some girls are friends with the guys because often guys aren’t as judgy and tend to have less drama. Guy’s Girl will put down other girls in front of the guys, possibly to make themselves look better or fit in the moment. A Guy’s Girl views other girls as competition.
I would say many girls who are considered Guy’s Girls get hated on more because many people see their behavior as wanting the guy’s attention when in reality, they can just bond faster with a guy.
At the end of the day, when it comes to friends for me, I want a Girl’s Girl. These types of friends will have your back and value your friendship. Honestly, I don’t have many friends, and I understand that it can be easier sometimes to get along with boys, but I feel the need to have a Girl’s Girl as a best friend. You know they will value friendship more and always have your back. I would like a friendship that is stronger and not based on guys.
I see myself as a Girl’s Girl because I will always protect or help another girl out. The world needs at least one person in the world to have a girl’s back. I will have everyone’s back, but I feel it is more important to connect with a girl because you know they will be able to relate to you more.
I don’t think being a Guy’s Girl or a Girl’s Girl is wrong, but knowing the type of friend you are dealing with is important. I encourage you to consider which one you want to be surrounded by and, more importantly, which one you want to be.

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Hi my name is Cambry Tinkle, and I'm a senior at PHS. I'm the business manager and editor-in-chief for the web! I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends, and being apart of Booster Club.
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