2012 Staff Changes

English Teacher Miss Boyer

English Teacher Miss Boyer

As many of you may have seen, there are a few new faces in the authority department of the school. Well, who exactly are these people? Here is your chance to get to know some of our new faculty.

Miss Boyer- In place of Jamie Ott in the English department is Paoli’s own Brooke Boyer. Previously teaching English in Orleans, Boyer decided to take the job offer in her hometown. “I like being back in Paoli,” said Boyer.

Mr. Galloway- Teaching Special Education, Tyler Galloway is spending his first year teaching junior high kids. Galloway graduated from Vincennes University and is excited about his new job. “It’s different than from where I grew up. The kids are different and everyday is a new journey,” said Galloway.

Mr. Holcomb- After recently graduating from USI, Matthew Holcomb has taken the position of teaching junior high health and PE, along with some high school health. “I love it. I like the kids and the faculty, and the town and the environment are nice,” said Holcomb.

Mrs. Matheny- Coming from Eastern Pekin, Jessica Matheny is teaching Special Education as a certified teacher for the second year. Matheny has worked at Throop Elementary School as well, doing things like substituting and was a Program Coordinator.

Mr. Noble- Taking the place of former Chemistry and ICP teacher Scott Page this year is Eric Noble. Noble has previously taught at Bedford North Lawrence and at Westfield. This is his seventh year teaching. “So far it’s been fun. I really enjoy it,” said Noble.

Miss Rowland-  After Jill Taylor left the science department, Indiana University graduate Lindsey Rowland has taken her place as a Biology teacher. Rowland has also taught Biology and Anatomy as well as Chemistry in Orleans. “I really like all the kids,” said Rowland.

Along with these fresh faces, there are also a few staff that have changed their positions. Here’s where they are now.

Mr. Dittmer- Neil Dittmer, who was previously a Special Education teacher, now teaches World History and World Geography in place of Joe Sibbitt. “I love it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to teach,” said Dittmer.

Mrs. Grabner- After Laura Balsmeyer took a leave of absence, matron Barb Grabner took her place as a permanent substitute in Study Hall. “I was ready for something different. It has its challenges, but it gives me the opportunity to talk to kids in class rather than talking to them in the hallways,” said Grabner.

Mr. Neukam- Stepping up from a PE teacher, Kyle Neukam is now an Assistant Principal. Neukam deals with discipline, attendance and does a few teacher evaluations. “I’m still experimenting. I like the aspect of the job and what it involves,” said Neukam.

Mrs. Tuell- Also previously teaching Special Education, Amy Tuell is now the seventh grade social studies teacher. “I like the fact that I can actually teach what I went to school for,” said Tuell.

Feature by Samantha Patton