Top 5: Senior Abby Wilson’s Favorite Songs

Senior Abby Wilson’s favorite genre of music is country because it has a meaning behind it and you can understand it rather than gibberish. According to her it has always been her favorite. Her favorite artist is Billy Currington.

1. “Must Be Doing Something Right” by Billy Currington. “It makes me think of my boyfriend,” said Wilson. Her favorite line from the song: “Don’t know what I did to deserve a love like this but baby, I must be doing something right.”

2. “A Little Bit of Everything” by Keith Urban. Wilson says she loves how he doesn’t need a lot to be happy, he just wants a little bit of everything.

3. “What I Love about Sundays” by Craig Morgan. Wilson says that this song reminds her of her family with the line “Don’t do much of anything, that’s what I love about Sundays.”

4. “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter. Wilson’s dad used to sing this song all the time and her favorite part would have to be “17, hot July moon, saw everything. My first taste of love oh, bittersweet.”

5. “Remember When” by Alan Jackson. Wilson said, “I think it’s just really sweet,” she loves the line “You were the first, so was I. We made love and then you cried, remember when.”


Info by Kate-Lynn Agan
Photo by Morgan Dotts