Bennett’s Military Plans

Shania Bennett is a part of the Senior Class of 2014. Bennett plays basketball and softball here at Paoli Jr. Sr. High school to keep in shape, but she also plays because she is joining the U.S. Air Force after finishing high school.

“I want to join the Air Force because it has a lot of opportunities like having my college paid for. I will also be receiving a good check for myself, free medical support and staying in shape,” said Bennett.

Bennett plans on joining as soon as she can so she can leave for basic training in the summer.

“To prepare for my future I will enlist and then my recruiter wants me to come in two times a month for practice and training. I also have basketball and softball to keep me in shape for the Air Force,” said Bennett.

Bennett plans to stay with the Air Force for at least four years, and then she will decide if she wants to stay longer.

“I’m excited to start my future career but I know I will miss seeing my family and friends every day,” said Bennett.

Bennett_S_WebStory By Hannah Sanders