Murphy’s Normal Not the Normal

Most people in high school that are fortunate enough to say that both of their parents are still alive and present in their life on a daily basis.

But what about the people who aren’t so lucky?

There are many things that can complicate a parent-child relationship and make communication difficult.

Senior Tristan Murphy has a father in the military. He has been in the military for Murphy’s entire life.

“I haven’t really ever known anything different,” said Murphy.

Many students might remember the Veteran’s Day convocation when Murphy’s father spoke to his sons in the form of a video. Students witnessed a piece of their relationship right there on the screen, as Murphy’s father told his sons how proud he was of them.

“I was upset because I had not seen my father in months, but it was also comforting to see his face and hear his voice,” said Murphy.

It would be easy to let something like a parent’s duty away from home be an excuse to act out and have bad behavior. However, Murphy has not let his father’s twenty-two and a half year military career change him or make him bitter.

His situation may not be normal, but it is normal to him. Because of his father’s service, Murphy can proudly say that his father has served his country well, and that makes him just as fortunate as the rest.




Story By Alyson Graham

Mug By Morgan Dotts