Sophomore Aron Busick Returns to PHS

At the change of the semester, PHS found a few new students walking the halls. Sophomore Aron Busick was one of those students. However, Busick was not exactly new.

After finishing sixth grade, Busick moved to Floyd Central for his junior high and high school years to have a wider variety of class choices. Though he loved being at Floyd Central and meeting new friends, he wanted to come back home to Paoli.

“I went to a couple of basketball games and had talked to some of my old friends and decided I wanted to come back. I wanted to be closer to home,” said Busick.

When Busick went to Floyd Central, he would drive about 30 minutes to school, attend practices after school and go back home. He has always lived in the Paoli area, so it made more sense to just come back. Busick is continuing his passion for sports here at Paoli. Since coming back to Paoli, Busick had to get 10 practices in before he could play in a junior varsity game.

“I plan on continuing basketball and baseball for this year, and then either football or cross country next fall,” said Busick.

Busick’s first official game since moving back to Paoli was against the Corydon Central Panthers on Friday, January 26. The team won against the Panthers.

“I am very excited to play basketball again,” said Busick.

Busick moved back to Paoli after the first week of second semester, which means he had to catch up on what he missed. He is currently in two science classes, chemistry and anatomy and pre-calculus as a sophomore.

“I think it will be challenging to get into the classes since I wasn’t here for first semester and didn’t do all of the same things as Paoli did first semester,” said Busick.

Coming back to Paoli is a decision Busick was proud to make. With both old and new friends and memories, he is happy to be here.

“I am happy to be back at my home school. I did leave some friends at Floyd Central, but I am happy to be back,” said Busick.


Story by Kinley Block 

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