Youth Council Creates a Culture of Giving

Throughout our lives, we are urged to do good in the world. Some of our own PHS students are involved in the Orange County Youth Council to participate in their own works of philanthropy.
Youth Council includes teens in grades eight through twelve from all over Orange County who want to make a difference. Paoli has numerous students involved, including eighth graders Noah Chaplin, Laykin Busick and Caleb Jones, sophomores Addison Wells, Avery Owens, Grayson McGowen, Madison Cunningham, Jalyn Engleking and Noah McSpadden and juniors Isaiah Jones and Maggie McGowen.
“I joined OCYC because I enjoy helping people. I knew Youth Council was a good opportunity to get out and do some community service,” said Owens.
OCYC performs all kinds of projects to benefit our community and the citizens within it. Some projects include giving donations, helping out local schools and volunteering with community projects. Once a month, OCYC meets for a meeting in which they donate to a different charity or company each time.
“I enjoy the project we do for the Humane Society because that’s what I’m most passionate about,” said Wells.
OCYC is open for all students to join as eighth graders.
“We encourage students to apply because it is a great opportunity, and you learn a lot from it. It’s not overly time consuming. Youth Council has a great group of students involved,” said Owens.


Story by Maggie Vincent


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