Clark Takes the Court for One Last Season

Senior Jordan Clark doesn’t remember life without sports. Out of all the athletics he has been a part of, however, basketball was always the one constant. He knew that regardless of what was going on in his life, he could always step on the court and forget about it all. Basketball became his outlet.   

Clark had always been around basketball for as long as he could remember. His older brother and cousin both played, but it wasn’t until Steve Lawson asked him to be a part of a team he was putting together that Clark became interested in playing himself.

“Steve Lawson asked me to be on a team when I was in the second grade. After playing with the guys, I knew basketball was a sport I wanted to continue playing for as long as I could,” said Clark.

Along with Lawson, varsity basketball coach Dusty Cole has played a major role in Clark’s development as a player and as a person. Cole has taught Clark the value of hardwork and persistence.

“Coach Cole has always taught me that nothing is going to be handed to us. We are going to have to work hard to accomplish the things we want. This doesn’t just apply to basketball, it applies to the things you do every day,” said Clark.

As well as hard work and persistence, basketball has taught Clark the importance of a good work ethic. This may be one of the most rewarding skills Clark has taken away from the sport.

“No matter who is watching or if no one is around at all, it is important to work hard because it will benefit you in the future as well as the present,” said Clark.

Basketball has also allowed Clark to create bonds with his teammates that go beyond the sport itself. He has met some of his best friends through basketball, especially those he has played with since he was in grade school.

“My favorite thing about basketball is being able to spend time with some of my closest friends on the team and sharing the experience with them,” said Clark.

As Clark moves on to the next stage in life, he hopes the underclassmen continue to work hard every day in practice and never take anything for granted. It may be cliché to say, but high school does fly by, and one day you’re not going to be on the court with the people you have grown up with. Cherish the moments you have with them before they are gone.

After graduation, Clark plans to continue his education at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. He hopes to major in exercise science and eventually pursue a career in physical therapy.


Story by Madison Street

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