Padgett Fills New Role on Advisory Board

Many students at PHS are members of clubs or organizations around the school. However, the majority of these students do not have the power to make executive decisions regarding financial issues or event planning. However, for senior Nick Padgett, this is not the case. Padgett is on the FFA senior advisory board for Paoli along with fellow senior officer Chloe Elliott.

“Having this position as a senior advisor gives me responsibility and allows me to help with other boards and give my opinion on things without being the technical leader. These things might include financial decisions or choosing what events to have and not have,” said Padgett.

Padgett was introduced to FFA when he was in junior high. With a lifetime interest in agriculture and the outdoors, Padgett knew FFA would be a club that he would enjoy immensely. However, along the way, he has encountered friendships and people he will be close to for the remainder of his life.

“I knew FFA would be the right club for me since I was young. Not only have I learned about agriculture, but I have also made so many friends. By being in a club that is based off a common interest, it’s very easy to make friends with the people around you,” said Padgett.

Padgett has been a member of FFA for his entire high school career, and the program has impacted him in a way he hasn’t experienced with any other club. Throughout his FFA career, Padgett has obtained the positions from officer all the way to president. Over the past four years, Padgett has been active in leading the barn project, Christmas leadership contest, barnyard carnival and many other activities FFA sponsors throughout the school year. Padgett believes being the head of these various events throughout his years has him well prepared for his new position as a senior advisor.

“Being in charge of these things has taught me responsibility and decision-making, two things I use as a senior advisor,” said Padgett.

However, as a Senior Advisor, Padgett is faced with tasks that require more responsibility than the tasks he received as an officer. Organizing meetings, setting dates for events, confirming everyone gets their job done and just helping out any way he can are examples of his leadership roles. By watching out for all members, Padgett is the role model for FFA. Knowing he is being watched by younger members as a mentor can be stressful, but Padgett has his own way of thinking about it.

“I know the younger members are doing their jobs based off what I do. By making getting your work done a habit, you automatically become a great role model without any effort,” said Padgett.

However, Padgett does not plan to use his experiences in FFA to pursue a future career. He plans to become a teacher, but he is unsure of the subject he wants to teach. Taking charge and being a role model is something that will assist Padgett in his career path and in his life in general.


Story by Jace Ingle

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