Drake Gets Early Start on Future

Seniors are usually the ones to bid farewell as they walk across the steps to graduate, but this year a junior will be added to the crowd. Junior Jericho Drake is a student whose academics have led her to graduate a year earlier than others. Drake decided to graduate early in hopes to jumpstart her future.

“I decided to graduate early so I can get a head start on my future. I like to challenge myself, so I thought decided to double up on some classes and get it done,” said Drake.  

After graduation, Drake is planning to continue her education at Indiana University Southeast while majoring in elementary education. After freshman year, she hopes to transfer to IU Bloomington. Transferring to the Bloomington campus will give Drake the opportunity to get a dual degree in elementary education as well as elementary special education.

Drake is very grateful to a few teachers who have helped her get to where she is today.

“I definitely want to thank my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Apple, for pushing me to try my hardest even when things weren’t going the best outside of school. At the time, I was frustrated, but years later, I am thankful I had a teacher who cared enough to push me even if it meant upsetting me,” said Drake.

Another teacher she has to thank is study hall supervisor Caitlyn Menchaca for always helping her through hard times.

“I am grateful for Mrs. Menchaca because I know I can go to her for any of my problems, and she always brings me back down to earth and makes me realize it’s not the end of the world,” said Drake.

When Drake graduates, she will miss out on the the fourth and final year of high school, but she has fond memories to take with her. Her favorite parts of high school have been Friday night football games and getting to spend study hall with her boyfriend. Drake has made the best of her high school years even if she only had three.

“It doesn’t matter how you get it done, just graduate. Push yourself to the limit,” said Drake.


Story by Maggie Vincent

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