Blankenbaker Creates Beauty


You may know her as the girl on the basketball court making threes or getting kills on the volleyball court. Whatever you know her for, she is making a new name for herself. Junior Audrey Blankenbaker is not only talented in her field of sports, but has now ventured into a passion for hair and makeup.

Blankenbaker has been doing makeup since she was 13 but has now become more invested in her passion.

“I have always been pretty good at hair and makeup, but I have recently picked it back up and started doing other people’s to get practice,” said Blankenbaker.

To advance her skills to a higher level, Blankenbaker is excited to do more girls’ hair and makeup and see where it takes her.

“I’m hoping this year to have a lot of girls ask me to do their hair and makeup for Morp and Prom. I even have a wedding coming up next fall, so that will really help,” said Blankenbaker.

Though she still has three semesters left until graduation, Blankenbaker is anticipating this path to lead her to attend Paul Mitchell Cosmetology of Louisville after graduating. She is then hoping to open a salon at some point after she furthers her cosmetology education.

“I really want to do something I love, and love this,” said Blankenbaker.


Story by Maggie Vincent

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