Junior High Fun-Day Occurred Jan. 24

Monday, January 24 marked a special day for many junior high students, with a trip to Big Splash for those having no Fs, no suspensions and no Friday schools during the second-nine weeks of school. Because of the success of the first day, teachers and administrators are planning another fun day for the third-nine weeks. 

“We were thinking about maybe Urban Air, Marengo Cave and maybe even Rock N’ Bowl,” said eighth grade social studies teacher Aaron Reckelhoff.

While the individuals who are planning the event have not settled on a location, the staff is narrowing down the options.

There are also some benefits to these fun days that last throughout the entire grading period. 

“[The day] gives kids some extra motivation to do what’s expected,” said Reckelhoff.

The requirements needed to participate in the next event will likely remain the same, while not being too strict but still help students stay out of trouble. The administration wants the fun days to be a reward for doing what is expected of students. This does not mean you have to be perfect at everything in school, but you still need to put some effort into it.

More information about the second Junior High Fun Day will be released closer to time. 

Story by Cannon Lambdin

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