Campbell Plans Future in Welding



Most students make the most of their high school experience through outlets such as athletics, academics or clubs. However, for senior Michael Campbell, welding is a passion he has discovered while in high school.

Welding is the joining together of metal pieces or parts through excessive heat. PHS offers welding classes certain periods of the day. Campbell enrolled himself in these classes his freshman year and has not looked back since.

“I took welding as an elective class my freshman year to try out something new. Since then, I have grown to love welding in general,” said Campbell.

Campbell’s passion for fusing metal pieces together is strong enough to influence his future. After high school, Campbell plans to pursue a career in welding. These careers can range from welding basketball goals locally to underwater welding jobs off the coast. Regardless of where Campbell chooses to live in his future, welding will be the method by which he receives an income.

“I could see myself working in a different state either welding or pipe fitting. The pay in Indiana for welders is very low, but in states like West Virginia and Alaska, it could be up to $45 an hour depending on the education level,” said Campbell.

The right education for welders can be difficult to find, considering that welding is a unique area for someone to study. The job demand for welders has only increased over time, influencing Campbell’s future decisions more and more as time goes on. However, welding is not the only possible option for Campbell following his graduation from PHS.

“I have thought about playing college football at a smaller college in the state. However, I also want to go to the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, which is a trade school for welding in Troy, Ohio. The longer I am there, the more things I can be certified to do,” said Campbell.

If Campbell chooses to attend the Hobart Institute, he will be receiving an education anywhere from five to ten months, depending on what level of education he is striving for. A benefit of Hobart that greatly influences Campbell is the low cost of an education there. Since it is a trade school, it is more affordable than a college or university. The love for welding Campbell has acquired throughout his high school career is inspiring and has the ability to affect his future in multiple ways.

“I can get lost when I weld, like there is nothing else in the world when I put my hood down and start to weld; all my worries go away,” said Campbell.


Story by Jace Ingle