Rams to Face Pioneers in Round 2 Tonight


Carley Higgins, Paolite Staff Writer

On October 22, the Rams football team took on Union County in the first round of sectionals, winning with a score of 55-0. According to Varsity Head Coach Neil Dittmer, senior Walter McKibbon had an exceptionally good game. 

“We expect to win, and play our best football,” said Dittmer.

The team will continue onto the second round of sectionals where they will play Providence at Providence High School tonight. Both Providence and Paoli’s records are equivalent, having a 6-2 record each. 

“I think we have played well but not our best. We have a lot that could be better and the sky’s the limit with this team. I think we are locked in and are going to play well as long as we stay focused and keep our eyes on the prize,” said senior Sawyer Livingston.