Emma Says: Check out Girl over the Edge

Emma Says: Check out Girl over the Edge

Girl over the Edge is a fictional book that surrounds the life of two teenage girls, Beckett and Chloe, who went from popular to social outcast with just the snap of a camera.  The book is written by Amy Kinzer and was released July 31, 2011. The whole book is over the course of the girls’ senior year, and shows the outcome of the two best friends who took topless photos of themselves the summer before. In the book, it shows how these poor decisions have affected themselves, families and most importantly, their friendship.

I absolutely fell in love with this book. I do not just love it; I am in love with it. This book is unlike any book that I have read. It deals with an issue that can affect anyone.  I really love how it shows how being bullied because of these photos affects the girls in different ways. I also like how the story is being told from Beckett’s point of view, so we can get inside the mind of a person who has to deal with being bullied for a mistake she made months ago.

Another thing that I want to add in this review is how relevant the theme of this book is to the teenage life today. The whole theme of this book is dealing with the affects of bullying. In societies all over the world, people get bullied. No matter the age, race or sexuality, people are getting bullied, but I feel it is more of a problem in teenager’s life than anyone else’s. This book truly shows how being bullied for even the smallest of things can affect someone’s life so majorly. Just because of a few topless photos, these two girls’ lives were changed forever. Now that is something to think about.

One thing that I hated, I could not stand it at all, was the ending. It’s not necessarily the story, but how it was written. The author sort of bunched the ending together. She put a lot of information, that she could have made so much more interesting than it was, into a matter of one or two chapters. We’re talking three or four months of information. It may not seem to a lot to the reader of my blog, but once someone has read the book, they know a lot can happen in a day.

Overall, this book was a great book dealing with bulling and issues school can cause. I have read some more books along these lines, but this one was the best by far. The fact that it showed how two girls can be handling the same situation, but can deal with it in two very different ways, really appealed to me because I have never read that in a book before. I really cannot say how much I love this book, and I hope that you cannot either.

By Emma Walker