News to Us: Junior High Team Set; Season Begins

Basketball try-outs for the junior high boys were November 4-6 at Throop gym. There were 17 boys each night at the gym. Head boys Coach Dusty Cole had a lot of traits in the basketball players he was looking for.

“They need to do well in class, they need to be coachable, they need to be teachable, and they need to be fundamentally sound. If they can do that than they are pretty good,” said Cole.

The coaches who ran the try-outs were the seventh grade Coach Wes Whitfield and eighth grade Coach Jeremy Peyton.

The results of the boys who made the team where posted November 7 outside of the boy’s locker room. There are 13 boys who made the team.

The boys made the seventh grade team are Mason Buchanan, Carter Elliot, Tyson Lawson, Jordan Clark, Austin Carmickle, Nick Douthitt, Charlie Meridith, Ashton Minton, Tyler Griffith, Michael Hall, Tyson Line, Mikey Morgan and Dawson Long.

The boys who made the eighth grade team are Hunter Hamilton, Dietrich Sears, Tyler Smith, Dawson Easterday, Jacob Babcock, Landon Chastain, Kyle Marshall, Adam Engleking, Jared Herd, Jesse Luster, Ty Minton, Braydon Kloss and Garrett Vincent. A lot of the boys had there opinion on the basketball tryouts.

“They were good but we need to work on some stuff,” said seventh grader Tyson Lawson.

Most all of the boys thought that the tryouts went pretty good.

“They went well I hope that the team does well this year,” said seventh  grader Ashton Minton.

Story by Michael Hall