POP Trash Bag Fundraiser


The Pride of Paoli Band has big aspirations for this coming year. This past month, they have been selling trash bags to raise money for a special trip this fall. Their hope is to play in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this coming Thanksgiving.

Not only are they raising money for New York, but also a potential trip to Philadelphia as well as purchasing new uniforms.

“That is a very large expense and needs to be met without overextending our fall budget,” said Band Director Bill Laughlin.

The fall budget helps expenses such as travel, food, and staff.

Usually the band raises about seven to ten thousand dollars through the trash bag fundraiser as the first project they do. Each band member roughly sells 100 boxes of trash bags. The second project is hosting the Band Invitational every year here at Paoli.

The fundraiser will end February 3 so get your trash bags while you can!

Story by Maggie Vincent