Buchanan’s Game Nears Final Buzzer


Student athletes take on an important role when they become a senior. They are looked up to by their teammates and typically set the bar for the season. For his final basketball season, senior Shawn Buchanan is looking forward to reflecting on memories from previous years, enjoying the best moments in the present and having fun.

“I love basketball because of the big moments, and there is nothing like a whole town rooting for you,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan has been playing basketball since he was in second grade. The second graders and the fourth graders played, which resulted in a second grade win. Ever since that game, he has always loved playing the sport. His biggest role model is his father, who is well-known at PHS for his ability in basketball. Buchanan looks up to him and hopes to be able to follow him in his career.

“My inspiration is my father. I just want to win like he did and bring greatness back to Paoli basketball,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan plays multiple positions. In basketball, the positions are organized by numbers, one, two, three, four and five. One, two and three are typically ball handlers, shooting guards who shoot or get the ball to a shooter and point guards who primarily handle the ball across the basketball court. The four and five are posts who take care of the ball down by the net and also help get the ball to the inside for an easy layup. Most of the posts are taller and are stronger with the ball so they can easily maneuver against opposing teams. Buchanan’s favorite position is the four since he can shoot threes but also give the ball to the inside teammates.

After all of these years as a high school basketball player, Buchanan has made memories with his team. His favorite thing to do before a game is eat with his teammates. Some of them will carpool or meet up at a restaurant before they get ready for the game. Buchanan also has fond memories of dancing around in the locker room after a good win. One of the most memorable moments for him is when the team won the Springs Valley Holiday Tournament back December of 2017.

“There is nothing like all the hard work paying off and being in that moment,” said Buchanan.

As he looks back on his final year of high school basketball, Buchanan will say goodbye to the team and sport he loves most. He will forever cherish the moments with the team and the time he has spent giving his best. He also wants the future basketball team to work towards the big moments and enjoy what they have before it is gone.

“Stay tuned; this year is going to be special, and we are going to be fun to watch. Come out and support,” said Buchanan.


Story by Kinley Block