Nikkila to Leave PHS Early


This year, a few juniors will be added to the graduating class of 2019. One of these students is junior Cailah Nikkila. She was eligible to graduate a year early by having all her credits for her diploma complete. When Nikkila set up her schedule to graduate early, she wanted to accomplish something nobody else in her family had done and to give herself more time to start a career.

“I decided I wanted to get done with school as early as possible. I went to talk to Mr. Unsicker to work out a schedule, and I had made enough credits to double my classes and finish this year,” said Nikkila.

Nikkila was encouraged to graduate early by fellow junior Jericho Drake. Her grandparents were also supportive and helpful with the decision.

“I am moving to California to live with a family friend after graduating high school. I will also be attending college there and hope to have a music career,” said Nikkila.

Throughout high school, Nikkila has formed many enjoyable memories in choir and drama. The concerts and the plays always made her excited, but the Veterans Day program in 2017 was her favorite performance.

“I felt like we did a really good job on the song. It was an eight part harmony, and    I feel like that song was an accomplishment,” said Nikkila.

Nikkila would tell anyone interested in graduating early to be determined to do it and willing to miss out on senior year. Nikkila will always remember the memories she made in high school.

“I will really miss seeing my friends and the teachers I have good relationships with. Cherish the time you have in school even when it really sucks because you will never get that time back,” said Nikkila.


Story by Lili Seals