15 Minutes of Fame: Sophomore Jeremiah Hutcheson


Courtesy Photo

Sophomore Jeremiah Hutcheson smiles for a picture with his dad and grandma.

  1. What is a typical Sunday schedule for your family?

    • On a typical Sunday we head to church for Sunday school at about 9:00. I also help with band practice before church which starts at 10:45.Church usually ends around twelve in the afternoon. After church, we go out to eat lunch. When we get home at around five o’clock we have people over for games.
  2. Is it hard  being a pastor’s kid in a public school?

    Hutcheson poses at church with his best friend junior Adam Barnhart. (Courtesy Photo)
    • I don’t think it is any harder for me as a pastor’s kid as it would be for any other save kid besides occasionally being teased about it.
  3. What are the fun parts of being a pastor’s son?

    • Fun part of being a pastor’s kid is that I can ask him any questions I have about church.
  4.  Do you have any challenges with your friends that aren’t Christian? If so, what are they?

    • The only problems I can think of with unsaved friends is the sometimes can influence me to do dumb things
  5. How has your dad being a pastor influenced you on what you would want to be when you’re older?

    • I don’t think it has had any influence on what I want to do.
  6. Do you have a call into ministry? If so, what kind of ministry do you think you would want to do?

    • I do not have a call to be a pastor as of now but I still go around and share the gospel.
  7. Have you ever gotten told stereotypes about how the pastor’s kid is supposed to be like?

    • Yes.
  8.  How would you describe yourself to others when they hear you are a pastor’s kid?

    • I do not have a call to be a pastor as of now but I still go around and share the gospel.