15 Minutes of Fame: Freshman Taylor Morgan


1.What first got you into Competitive cheer?

  •  Growing up at tumble time in Paoli. 

2.How often do you have competitions ?

  • It varies, we can either have 2 a month or none. 

3.How long have you been doing competitive cheer and Why ?

  • Since I was 4 so 11 years counting . I started competitive cheer because it seemed like a lot of fun and my friends did it. 

4.How would you get yourself ready for those?

  • Hair, makeup, and uniform then get ready with my team. 

5.Do you wish to continue this hobby in the future?

  • Yes,I plan to cheer in college. 

6.Do you get any inspiration from anyone? If so, who and why?

  • Tyler Braasch, He is a very hard worker and very successful within cheerleading and always has a good attitude and puts forth his best effort and most cheerleaders on cheer live tour such as Maddy Brum  because they a such amazing athletes 

7.What is something you would tell people interested in Competitive cheer ?

  • It’s very hard work but it teaches you many things, it is very exciting even if it is difficult, it puts an impact on your life. It is a huge commitment and you will not regret it.

8.What Gym do you cheer for ?

  • Gym time in Louisville Kentucky