Graham’s Review on “The Vow”

Most love stories have the same basic plot structure; the couple meets unexpectedly, they fall in love, a romantic montage ensues and the tragedy strikes. They spend the next several scenes working on the process of recovering their relationship, and almost always get back together.

Unfortunately, The Vow, directed by Michael Sucsy, was no exception. The movie was rated PG-13, and had a run-time of 104 minutes.

While this plot is generally very pleasing to its viewers, it can begin to be very predictable. Although I enjoyed The Vow, I find a hard time giving it a good review for this reason. The acting was good, thanks to Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, and the movie was definitely touching, but I wasn’t ever really surprised.

In my opinion, there was really nothing to set this movie apart from the hundreds of other romantic movies that are constantly in theaters. Just like with the other movies, we laugh, we cry and walk out of the theater with a warm heart and a whole new perspective on love and life. Let’s face it, everyone is a sucker for a good love story, but I for one am ready for something new.

 Review by Alyson Graham