Cole Reviews Gym Candy

Gym Candy is a book written by Carl Deuker and released in September 3, 2007.  The book follows Mick Johnson, the son of a high school and college football star Mike Johnson. Mick has been playing for as long as he can remember, it’s the only thing wants to do with his life. Mick does not want to make the same mistake his father did. “To Mick Johnson winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing.”

What I like about this book is that it has really good details and good word choice. Deuker really captures the problems that teenage athletes face. It shows how Mick Johnson wants to be a star and that he would do anything to get to the next level. I like how Deuker portrays an athlete’s troubles and the risks they will take to win.

What I do not like about this book is how Mick does not really think about anybody else when he chooses to make these choices. It does not just affect him; it affects his family, friends, and his teammates. He does not think it through, and he wants to just win, but he really is just cheating. Mick thinks he is helping everyone out when they win their games. He never thought it would result to ending his life but it did.

At the end of this book it shows that Mick cannot take it any longer and tries to take his life. I would defiantly recommend this for anyone who loves books about sports or who loves football. It is great for teenagers between 13-17 years old. The vocabulary is not that big and it is easy to read. It is a very good book, so go to the library and check this book out.

Gym Candy_WEBReview by Kristan Cole