McGuire’s Review on “A Child Called It”

The book A Child Called “It”by Dave Pelzer is a very touching story. The man who wrote this book based it off of his own life. I love the book but, it did make me cry. Books like this make me want to save those children.

In the book a little boy named Dave Pelzer is abused by his mother. He is starved, beaten and he feels worthless. It is truly unreal what happens to the boy. He is punched, slapped and once even stabbed. His mother forces him to do all of his chores in record time and if he doesn’t make that time, he doesn’t get fed.

He started stealing food just to survive. When his mother found out about this, she did horrible things to him that is unbelievable. One time she forced him to throw up and then eat it. He began to question his life and the reason for living it.

Many people don’t realize that some kids really have to live their everyday lives like this boy did.  People could read this book and have an understanding of what child abuse is. In this case the abuse was quite severe. I recommend that everyone read this book. It has meaning and a true life experience.

Story by Taylor McGuire